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Patrocinio in Cassazione

via Giovanni XXIII n°11 - 81058 VAIRANO SCALO (CE) - ITALIA
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Lawyer Massimo Amato has constituted his Law Firm in the early nineties. His aim being to implement the enforcement of a specific plan. His target: the creation of a structure in a position to supply legal representation to customers. Since the beginning emphasis has been placed on the necessity to guarantee a high degree of professionalism in the accomplishment of the assignments and liasing with Clients.

The customers of our Law Firm are people from various societies, operating in the various fields of economic life. To these customers we guarantee our advisory skills to the best of our management for several implying situations and problematic lawyers. However much - if necessary, the attendance and trial-like representation in the causes and procedures in front of the various judicial organisations in all of Italy.

One fundamental characteristic of the AMATO Law Firm's methodology is represented by the type of approach we have regarding the problems of our customers.  These always come subordinate to one detailed analysis (for all the implications, not only legal). Based on the principle of the cost/benefit: wanting to avoid that a good legal solution can for other factors e.g. trial costs, be carried as damage for the customer.

The activities of the Law  Firm are centralised particularly in several fields of Civil Law. However, Lawyer Amato offers attendance and legal representation in some cases through collaborations with other advisers, if the necessity arises.  All in the fields of Criminal Law and administrative right. With reference to the fiscal right it is our advantage to seek the professional activity of specific competent advisers.

Legal Office offers availability for domiciliations about judicial controversies re-entering in the Court of SANTA MARIA CAPUA VETERE - CASERTA


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